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Me Itse ry:n mielenosoitus ihmisoikeuksien puolesta 2007.

Me Itse in English

Me Itse ry
The Finnish Self-Advocacy Society
of Persons with Learning Disabilities

The right to full citizenship
The right to live the way one wants
The right to decide for oneself

Our name ”Me Itse” means ”We for ourselves”.


The mission of Me Itse is to teach
and train persons with learning disabilities
to speak and act for themselves.

Me Itse acts on matters
that members feel are important.
Such matters include, for example,
advocating self-determination,
raising awareness of our rights,
increasing opportunities for employment
and education,
and increasing communication
in easy-to-read language.

Our Principles Guide our Actions

The guiding principles of Me Itse
are based on the UN´s
Convention on the Rights
of Persons with Disabilities.

Our principles recognise:

1. Respect for personal dignity
2. Self-determination and freedom of choice
3. Full appreciation of personal experience
4. Teamwork and cooperation

Principles are taken to mean issues
so morally imperative
that they govern the actions
of a person or organisation.


Me Itse has a board of four members
who decide the financial issues of the NGO.
Me Itse has a steering group of eight members,
who are all people with learning disabilities.

This steering group decides
on the functions and happenings of Me Itse.

The main goals and priorities
for the upcoming year
are decided in annual meetings.


Each year a national meeting
is held for local groups.
This gives an opportunity
for the representatives of these local groups
to share their experiences.

Me Itse is involved in organising
an annual celebration week
for people with learning disabilities.


Me Itse was founded
on the 26th of February 1999.
Our membership is growing all the time.


Me Itse is supported by
the Centre for Social and Health Organisations (STEA).

Learn some Finnish:

Hello! Moi!
Thank you! Kiitos!
What´s your name? Mikä sinun nimesi on?
How are you? Miten menee?
I´m fine, thanks! Kiitos hyvin!
I love Finnish nature. Rakastan Suomen luontoa.
Goodbye! Näkemiin!

Contact Information

Me Itse ry
Pinninkatu 51
33100 Tampere


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