MALIKE - traveling, on the move, into the middle of life

Malike aims to offer participation possibilities for children and adults with severe disabilities. We also want to spread knowledge and engage in matters that further the participation and involvement of these persons.

We arrange courses and events where children and adults with severe disabilities can try out different activity aids. On our courses and events you also get more information about where and how you can get hold of activity aids.

Our activity aid course ”Out of the house, away from the yard” is for relatives and professionals in the field. The goal of the course is that you learn to better facilitate the participation and involvement of children and adults with severe disabilities. During the course, we familiarize ourselves with the legislation from an equality standpoint and learn how to choose, adjust and use activity aids. We also arrange a nature excursion with activity aids for a group of people with severe disabilities.

We are actively involved in many different networks. By expressing our opinions in different media, we attempt to further the possibilities of participation for persons with severe disabilities. We also aim to make obtaining activity aids easier.

From us, you can get advice and instructions in using and purchasing activity aids. You can try out different activity aids at our courses and events. You can also rent our activity aids for a short trial before buying your own or for temporary need, for example a holiday trip.

Malike is a part of Inclusion Finland (KVTL) and operates with support from the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations (STEA). Our target group consists of people who need an activity aid and the help of another person to get on the move and participate in different activities. We do not have any diagnosis limits. However, people with impaired function due to old age are not included in the target group. We operate across Finland in close cooperation with our local networks. The multi-professional Malike team consists of seven employees.


Sumeliuksenkatu 18 b, 3rd floor • 33100 Tampere

Tel 040 483 9327